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Chinese Language


Chinese for beginner or advanced students.

Computer Science

Scratch for Beginners

In this class, you will begin the exploration to the extensive world of programming using a graphical programming interface developed by MIT. You will create stories, animations, and other fun and creative projects.

Java for Beginners

You will use the Java programming language to solidify computer science concepts


Robotics I

This beginner robotics class will introduce you to the growing field of robotics. You will learn the function of different types of sensors and motors. Also, you will learn how to program for controlling the robot to move autonomously using proper sensors. This class will use the Lego Mindstorms robotics kit. The students are expected to work in a cooperative group environment. ($15 material fee).

Robotics II

Come expand your capabilities and robotics experience! This is an advanced robotics class, where students will work in a team environment to build and program robots to overcome a series of obstacles. There will be a team competition at the end. Learn to be creative and have fun at the same time. The robotics programming uses the “C” computer language. ($20 material fee).


Web Design

Everyday, websites are an essential part of our online life whether they are for school, social media, or fun. Do you want to learn how to create a website? Learn about the basics of web code and design using HTML, the language of the web, as well as other tools that make your website look impressive. At the end, you can publish your website online and share it with friends and family.

Video Production

Have you ever wondered how movies are made? Do you want to create professional and eye- catching movies? Come learn the basics on how to shoot and edit videos. Using scripts and, you will create stories, commercials, skits, and scenes. After filming, you will learn how to use software like iMovie to incorporate animations, images, texts, and music. At the end, you can upload your final product to YouTube to share it with your friends and families.