About Us

Chinese Academy was started in Canton, Massachusetts in 2005. Our philosophy is to enrich the lives and enhance the global potential of people by teaching them Mandarin Chinese; to instill a deeper understanding and appreciation for the cultures and customs of China and to encourage a broader vision of the world that allows our students to successfully adapt to a more integrated society and thrive in a global marketplace.

Our teachers are native Chinese speakers who have many years of experience teaching Chinese.  Most classrooms have a Chinese-speaking aide to assist the teacher.  We limit class size to 12 or less students per class, so each student gets individual attention.  While we follow core curriculum for each language level, we also tailor classes to best serve different student populations.  We are excited about teaching Chinese and hope to impart that passion to you and your children.

Why Learn Chinese?  为什么要学中文?

China is the most populous country in the world with 1.3 billion people. One-fourth of the inhabitants of our planet speak Chinese.  Additionally, China has a burgeoning economy that increasingly necessitates interaction with the West.  The economy of China is the fourth largest in the world in 2005.  Children who learn Chinese at an early age will be prepared for this evolving global marketplace.

Studies show children who study a second language in the elementary grades perform better academically than children who do not.  The earlier children are exposed to a second language the better.

Why Chinese Academy?  为什么选麻省中文学校 

We strive to provide the best Chinese language program to you.

  • Our teachers are professionals who have many years of experience teaching Chinese. 
  • We want your children to enjoy learning Chinese.  We employ role-playing, singing and game playing as effective methods to help children not only retain their Chinese, but also their interest in Chinese learning.
  • We constantly re-evaluate our teaching methods for maximum retention of the language.
  • We incorporate Chinese culture and history in our curriculum.
  • Our program is multi-level and each student learns at his/her pace and capacity.
  • We offer fun, safe and meaningful setting for student to learn.